Photo: Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, Ministry of Trade and Industry
On January 9, 2018 the Ministry of Economic Development and the UNDP officially launched the NDP Youth Campaign. The main aim of the campaign is to let the youth (from 15-18 yrs.) form a group as part of their organization (school, scouting, sport club etc.) and provide us with their input on how the successful implementation of one of the areas (of their choice) from the NDP will benefit them.
Islands may be “big ocean states”, but their small size poses challenges: over-dependency on food and energy imports and on a few economic sectors like tourism.
The study also sought to interrogate the relationship between illicit drugs and armed violence to determine the extent to which illicit drugs contribute to armed violence against women.
Islands are pushing forward with efforts to preserve their natural wealth and protect their people from disasters
Over 2015 to 2017 with funding from Aus Aid and in partnership with the GEF Small Grants Programme at UNDP, the Digicel Foundation embarked on a capacity building and infrastructural upgrade programme called “Preparing You!- A Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Evacuation Pilot Project for persons with special needs” .

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