Ukraine and Vietnam in Seoul for a Unique Quadrangular Study Visit

Nov 3, 2016

Government policymakers and UNDP programme managers from Vietnam and Ukraine participated in a study mission to Seoul co-hosted by the UNDP Seoul Policy Centre (USPC) and the Infrastructure Headquarters of the Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) of the Republic of Korea on 3-4 November, 2016.

The mission is a follow up to the technical and advisory mission on Seoul’s Clean Construction System (CCS) that USPC undertook in July 2016, in partnership with SMG, as part of USPC’s Development Solutions Partnership (DSP) on Open Data and Public Construction Management for efficiency, transparency and integrity in the public construction sector initiated in 2014.

The CCS is an effective technological and institutional approach which enhances transparency, efficiency, and the protection of construction workers’ rights in the public construction sector, consisting of  the One Project Management Information System (One-PMIS) for systematic and effective real-time management of public construction projects, and the Construction Information Disclosure System (“Allimi”) which automatically transmits the information for public access.

Since July, Da Nang city of Vietnam has been working with the UNDP-funded “Da Nang Public Administration Reform” project on developing the “Da Nang Allimi” that fits the local needs; and the Ukraine Ministry of Infrastructure has been working with UNDP Ukraine in a task force to develop the Ministry’s Infrastructure Project Management Information System, modeled on Seoul’s CCS for pilot testing.

The two delegations not only had a chance to review Seoul’s CCS, but were also able to share with the Seoul Government and with each other the ongoing reform efforts and country-level applications of CCS in the respective countries, including evolving system designs and implementation plans. The country representatives presented on their system designs, the Seoul officials made a series of presentations on the technicalities of CCS, and an interactive Q&A session was facilitated by USPC.

“Our Clean Construction System continues to develop and evolve in response to user needs and the IT environment. We hope that this workshop, as well as continued collaboration in the future, will allow even greater sharing of information among Ukraine and Vietnam,” said the Acting Assistant Mayor of Seoul, Mr. Tae-Kyung Hyung, in his welcome remarks.

“This is truly unique. First, it was about Seoul government’s Clean Construction System. Then, with USPC and UNDP Country Offices, the knowledge was shared with the reformers in the two countries. Then the reformers have begun to make their own versions of CCS, and now can share with one another the adaptations they have made. I find this quadrangular modality of partnership exciting indeed,” stated Mr. Balazs Horvath, Director of USPC.

The partnership utilizes a unique development cooperation modality involving UNDP, Korea, and partner countries, with USPC and the relevant UNDP country office as a “translator” and facilitator of knowledge sharing and application of Korea’s approaches to public construction management.