Perspectives on Well-Being, Progress and Vulnerablility in Trinidad and Tobago

21 Oct 2015

Summary of Document

The reflections and analysis in this report are based on primary data gleaned from small focus groups and one on one interviews that allow for more insightful, revealing, if not intimate views into lived realities of specific populations. The intention is not to draw from these statements to make sweeping generalizations on population ideals or trends, but to garner insights into the daily experiences of specific groups of person in Trinidad and Tobago. In the case of Trinidad and Tobago where the gross domestic product places much of the population
as well above the poverty level, the report focuses particularly on how people understand themselves as part of the middle-class in a changing economy, the livelihood or survival strategies they are employing to hold on to this status and to match these where possible to emerging trends across regions in which multi-dimensional progress is being measured. The objective of the research is to identify dimensions of privilege, poverty and multidimensional progress among the middle class in Trinidad and Tobago in order to conceptualize the sense of well-being within this group.

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