Building a Nation: Sint Maarten National Development Plan & Institutional Strengthening

What is the project about

This project with the Ministry of General Affairs seeks to support the process of nation-building and the development of good governance, via a series of outputs associated with the birth of a new country. These outputs are, the formulation of a national vision, utilising the process of democratic dialogue; the drafting of a National Development Plan also utilising the process of democratic dialogue; the building of capacity in the areas of Resource Based Management and Evidence based management (DevInfo – Data); and the strengthening of national capacities to achieve MDGs, via drafting a 2013 MDF Report, a MDG Acceleration Framework for MDG 1 (poverty) and 7 (environmental sustainability) (which were jointly agreed upon by the UNDP and government of Sint Maarten as requiring urgent intervention), and developing a coordination mechanism for donors and aid effectiveness.


Outputs 1 and 2 – National Development Plan aligned with a national vision developed through a democratic dialogue process

Accomplishments – 30 % completed
50 persons undertook virtual course in democratic dialogue
Formation of a National Development Plan Work Group (made up of 25 dialogue champions and project team)  to plan and conduct community dialogues
Draft of a Regulation forming a Steering Committee to oversee quality control and assurance in the development of a National Plan
Appointments to the Steering Committee completed (representative of government, community, private sectors and youth).
Conducted 7 community dialogues

Output 3 – Communications

Communication firm appointed
Developed a project identity and brand

Output 4 – 25% completed

Completed a Technical and Financial proposal
Consultant identified
Undertaken capacity assessment for government ability to support for a central data base system

Output 5 – MDG- 60% completed

MAF Report and Action Plan

Output 6 – Aid Coordination – 20 % completed

Dutch French side coordination meetings conducted

Who finances it?

Donor Contribution in USD
Government of St. Maarten $899,870.00
TOTAL $899,870.00

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