Capacity Development for Nation Building of Curacao

What is the project about

The drafting of a national development plan has also been identified as a key output of this project. Employing the principle of participatory dialogue, this national development plan will be based on the Governing Programme, prepared by the Government of Curacao, as well as on the first MDG Report for Curacao and Saint Martin, which was jointly undertaken by the UNDP, and Governments of Curacao and Saint Martin. The remaining outputs for this project are the development of a national socio-economic database (DevInfo), with corresponding capacity development within the public sector; the strengthening of national capacities at the local level to achieve MDGs, via the implementation of pilot programmes on MDG 1 and 7, and the publishing of a new MDG Report; and the development of a plan focusing on aid coordination and resource mobilization.


Output 1 NDP (100%)
NDP-expert recruited and on the ground to construct framework

21 Dialogue facilitators trained; 4 secretary members;  technical and event team (4) and dialogue process formally launched. First dialogue session on 31 May on MDG1.
Quality control process designed and 4 research officers recruited to secure the quality of the dialogue process.
Measurement (voting) system acquired to enable large scale online voting during dialogue sessions

Output 2 Socio economic data (100%)
Working group constructed: CBS, central bank and Min of Economic development.
ToR for Dev-info specialist constructed

Output 3
Donor mobilization (100%)
Support of ECLAC mission to Curacao from Chile as a factfinding mission regarding the Curacao Development Finance Institution.
Candidates selected as funding support officer

Output 4
Building National capacities (100%)
7 trainers recruited and trained for the UNDP Training Team
Various trainings in Collaborative Leadership in government and with community organisations
Training Practical Project Management conducted

Who finances it?

Donor Contribution in USD
Government of Curacao $914,850.00
TOTAL $914,850.00

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