Primary Health Care Initiative

What is the project about

The objective of this technical assistance project is to assist the Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago to further enhance the delivery of healthcare services in primary healthcare facilities through the provision of United Nations Volunteers (UNV) medical professionals throughout Trinidad and Tobago.This is necessary due to the current dearth of healthcare professionals in those facilities as a result of migration to foreign healthcare markets and a drift away from the public sector healthcare system to more profitable private practices. United nations Development Programme (UNDP) will provide support through the provision of medical doctors to facilitate an improvement in the delivery of health services to the public in particular those residing in rural communities where extended hours of access are not currently available, thereby assisting the Government in the attainment of several medium-term health care goals as laid out in its Medium-Term Policy Framework (MTPF) and is fully consistent with the Government's priority of addressing the issues of poverty through the provision of and access to essential social services.


This initiative within its 36 months is expected to provide;

a) Delivery of efficient and effective healthcare
b) Increased access to healthcare services for citizens
c) Development of internationally recognized centres of specialized medicine
d) The reduction/containment of the spread of HIV/AIDS and other NonCommunicable
Diseases (NCDs)
e) Reduction of labour shortages within the Health Sector

Accordingly, to attain these key results, the Ministry of Health proposes to adopt a
comprehensive approach which would encompass the following strategies:

a) Improving the management of the Health Sector and Strengthening of the Policy and
Legislative Framework.
b) Provision of Safe, Quality Health Services that are Patient Centered
c) Development of an Integrated Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Healthcare System
d) Inculcating a Lifelong Commitment to Health
e) Development of an Effective Response to Current and Emerging Health Issues
f) Development of a Strengthened Response to Mental Health Issues
g) Modernizing of Physical Infrastructure for Public Healthcare Facilities
h) Development of Professional and Quality Human Resources
i) Development of an Information and Communication Technology Driven Health
Service Delivery and Management.
j) Strengthening of Health Emergency Preparedness
k) Improving the Sourcing of Healthcare Financing
I) Development of Niche Areas of Healthcare that can Strengthen Trinidad and
Tobago's International Reputation as a Healthcare Service Provider

Who finances it?

Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago $4,259,706

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