Crisis prevention & recovery

Trinidad and Tobago is experiencing a phase of continued economic growth driven primarily by expansion in the energy sector, with the resulting rapid and uncontrolled urban development. Despite this economic growth, Trinidad and Tobago is simultaneously experiencing social decay marked by increasing crime and environmental degradation. There is a high vulnerability to multiple natural hazards and increasing technological and human-induced hazards because of the rapid urbanization.

Early Warning Systems are not a regular feature of the Disaster Risk Management System of Trinidad and as such it is necessary to begin assessing the current state of existing Early Warning Systems nationally. The local-level capacity for execution and support of national disaster risk reduction activities has historically been low; A Caribbean Risk Management Initiative supports the building of local and regional capacities for disaster risk reduction and adaptation to climate change. more

Improving the overall quality of life

Sans Souci Residents in East Trinidad conduct a clean up exercise after heavy rain causes massive landslips in their community. Source: UNDP Trinidad and Tobagomore

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