Democratic Governance

The promotion of democratic governance is a key programme area for the UNDP worldwide, backed by a commitment by the global community of states to make state institutions more responsive, accountable, and inclusive, in their practices and operations. The UNDP T&T office supports a range of projects under the democratic governance programme area, focusing on working with the Government of Trinidad and Tobago, through initiatives that seek to facilitate an environment for trust-building and consensual decision-making. Though the Government is our main partner in these initiatives, our projects are focused on ensuring that the local population benefits from improvements in governance.

This includes efforts at improving participation in the democratic process, especially among under-represented or marginalised groups; improving the accountability of democratic institutions to the people who they represent; and a general fostering of the universally accepted principles of democratic governance, namely anti-corruption, women’s empowerment, equal opportunities, and human rights.more

Youth Parliament

Participants at the Trinidad and Tobago Youth Parliament. Source: UNDP Trinidad and Tobagomore

Our Stories

A stakeholder makes a contribution during one of the CSR consultations sessions at the University of the West Indies. Source: UNDP Trinidad and Tobago
CSR: A Strategic Approach to National Development

In 2008, UNDP with the support of members of the business sector conducted a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) mapping exercise. It was the first comprehensive diagnostic of CSR activities on both islands. more 

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Projects and Initiatives

  • Capacity Development for Nation Building of Curacao

    One of the key outputs of this project is the drafting of a national development plan. Employing the principle of participatory dialogue, this national development plan will be based on the Governing Programme, prepared by the Government of Curacao, as well as on the first MDG Report for Curacao and Saint Martin, which was jointly undertaken by the UNDP, and Governments of Curacao and Saint Martin.more 

  • Building a Nation: Sint Maarten National Development Plan & Institutional Strengthening

    In the case of Sint Maarten, this project with the Ministry of General Affairs seeks to support the process of nation building and the development of good governance, via a series of outputs associated with the birth of a new country.more 

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