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  • In 2008, UNDP with the support of members of the business sector conducted a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) mapping exercise. It was the first comprehensive diagnostic of CSR activities on both islands.

  • UNDP in partnership with the Office of the Prime Minister, Gender Affairs Division and the Network of NGOS for the advancement of Women hosted a Democratic Dialogue on Nationally Insitutionalising Gender Equity on Thursday 8th December 2016 at the Leon Agostini Conference Hall at the Chamber of Commerce, Westmoorings. Emphasising the new sphere of global policy development focused on a more expansive development paradigm based on inclusiveness, equality and sustainability; national partners were brought together to collaborate and discuss effective mechanisms to achieve progress in the area of gender equity and mainstreaming.

  • In the last few decades there has been a transformation of political rhetoric worldwide. Only a small number of regimes claim to adhere to an ideology of governance other than democracy. Elections between competing political parties and movements have become the dominant method of selecting governments. In this process, political parties and candidates need access to money in order to reach out to the electorate and explain their goals and policies, and receive input from the people about their views.

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