The Missing Dimensions in Poverty

UNDP hosted two Focus Group sessions on Monday 22 June at the Arima Townhall for the Development of Regional/ Community Poverty Profile of Arima. The objective of the focus groups were to obtain the views of persons living in Arima on the living conditions in the Borough and to ascertain their perceptions on poverty in Arima. These views would then be incorporated into the poverty profile. The poverty profile which is expected to be replicated in each municipal region is being done to streamline programmes and projects and the allocation of resources in communities and regions to effectively meet the needs of the poor in each community/region in line with the results based management approach. Through partnership with the Chilean Fund, UNDP will facilitate and exchange ideas and experiences between Chile and Trinidad and Tobago in the areas of public policy and expertise in the field of poverty reduction. It is hoped that the pilot will be utilized as a catalyst to start a national dialogue on how poverty is currently being measured in T & T and the need to update those methodologies to include the missing dimensions of poverty. The expected outcomes from the project include a clear physical delimitation of the region within which their attendant population demographics and socio-economic characteristics are distinguished, a comprehensive inventory of physical infrastructure including: existing land acreages as well as the GIS mapping of the region

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