Looking to nature

Healthy ecosystems are at the heart of development, underpinning societal well-being and economic growth. Through nature-based solutions, such as the sustainable management and protection of land, rivers and oceans, we help ensure that countries have adequate food and water, are resilient to climate change and disasters, shift to green economic pathways, and can sustain work for people through forestry, agriculture, fisheries and tourism.

A development priority

A long-standing partner of the Global Environment Facility, and now with the second-largest Green Climate Fund portfolio, UNDP is the primary actor on climate change in the United Nations. Our aim is to help build the Paris Agreement and all environmental agreements into the heart of countries’ development priorities. The food, shelter, clean air, education and opportunities of billions of people around the world depend on getting this right.

Publications and Initiatives

International Guidebook of Environmental Finance Tools
Biodiversity and Ecosystems Global Framework 2012 to 2020
Mission 1.5: A Game on Climate Change
Latin America and the Caribbean: A Biodiversity Super Power


reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2030, is planned for Trinidad and Tobago’s refrigeration and airconditioning sectors

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