Institutional Support & Participatory Governance

The promotion of democratic governance is a key programme area for the UNDP. We support national efforts to modernise institutions of government - strengthening mechanisms that support integrity in public office, reduce bureaucratic practices, improve Parliamentary autonomy, advance public sector transparency and accountability  and support local government reform. We work in partnership with governments, civil society organisations and other development stakeholders to create an environment of participatory governance, where all  voices are heard - particularly those of marginalised groups and communities including women, youth, people with disabilities, and those living in at-risk, or remote communities.

Putting citizens at the heart of security and justice

The prevention of crime and violence is an overarching national priority for Caribbean governments who increasingly recognise that the complex causes must be met through a citizen security approach - using comprehensive and multifaceted strategies for improving quality of life, supporting community action for crime prevention, ensuring access to an effective justice system and values based on respect for law, tolerance and human rights. UNDP provides support for the development of national policies and strategies, institutional strengthening and training, and better integration of violence prevention, crime control and rehabilitation measures - with special attention given to gender-based violence, youth crime and recidivism.  

Publications and Initiatives

Trinidad and Tobago Resilience and Inclusive Peace Project
Ensuring Access to Justice in the Context of COVID-19
Citizen Security with a Human Face: Evidence and Proposals for Latin America
Engaging with Insider Mediators - Sustaining peace in an age of turbulence


serious criminal offences were committed by those 21 years and under, according to Trinidad and Tobago Police statistics for 2017

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