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People cannot prosper without reliable, safe, and affordable energy to power everything from lights to vehicles to factories, to hospitals.  UNDP helps countries transition away from the use of finite fossil fuels and towards clean, renewable, affordable sources of energy. We leverage financing, including from public and private sources and partner with countries and industries to increase the share of renewables in the national energy mix; fuel systemic change in the transport industry; establish solar energy access to people in remote communities, generating renewable ways to light people’s homes and community facilities.


Publications and Initiatives

UNDP, EU support T&T move toward renewable energy
UNDP Support to the Implementation of SDG 7
UNDP and Energy Access for the Poor
World Energy Assessment: Energy and the Challenge of Sustainability


of households in Trinidad and Tobago have a consumption level on par with North American households, twice the level of an average European household and three times the global average

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