Gender equality

Lasting change for all

Women’s participation in all areas of society is essential to make big and lasting change not only for themselves, but for all people. Women and girls make up a disproportionate share of people in poverty, and are more likely to face hunger, violence, and the impacts of disaster and climate change. They are also more likely to be denied access to legal rights and basic services.

Equality as our guiding principle

UNDP has the ability and responsibility to integrate gender equality into every aspect of our work. Gender equality and women’s empowerment is a guiding principle that applies to everything we do, collaborating with our partner countries to end gender-based violence, tackle climate change with women farmers, and advance female leadership in business and politics.

Publications and Initiatives

Gender Social Norms Index
UNDP Gender and Recovery Toolkit
UNDP Briefing Note: The Economic Impacts of COVID-19 and Gender Equality
UNDP Gender Equality Strategy 2018-2021



almost 90%

of men and women globally are biased against women, providing new clues to the invisible barriers women face in achieving equality, and a potential path forward to shattering the Glass Ceiling.

( UNDP Gender Social Norms Index, 2019)

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