Citizen Security Programme Full Report

18 Aug 2015

Programme Summary

The Citizen Security Programme (CSP) is a primary violence prevention

programme initiated by the Ministry of National Security of Trinidad and Tobago

(MNS) and financed partially by the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB).

The programme methodology is based on a three pillar structure: combining

community action, assistance to the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service; and

institutional strengthening of the MNS. The programme was started in 2007 in

22 communities identified as high-risk in Trinidad and Tobago. The programme’s

methodology focuses on: addressing key identified risk factors based on

the ecological approach to violence prevention; working with individuals,

communities and the broader society across the country; and providing them

with the tools, knowledge and support required to identify and deal with the risk factors related to violence.

The peer-review of the Citizen Security Programme of Trinidad and Tobago (CSP)

was coordinated by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) with

the objective of analysing the programme’s methodology and its contribution

to strengthening a community-based and community-run approach to violence

prevention and the extent to which it could be expanded. The assessment of

the methodology was guided by criteria of relevance, effectiveness, impact, and


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