Democratic Dialogue on Gender Equity

UNDP in partnership with the Office of the Prime Minister, Gender Affairs Division and the Network of NGOS for the advancement of Women hosted a Democratic Dialogue on Nationally Insitutionalising Gender Equity on Thursday 8th December 2016 at the Leon Agostini Conference Hall at the Chamber of Commerce, Westmoorings. Emphasising the new sphere of global policy development focused on a more expansive development paradigm based on inclusiveness, equality and sustainability; national partners were brought together to collaborate and discuss effective mechanisms to achieve progress in the area of gender equity and mainstreaming. The Dialogue sought to identify the following key processes and strategies including: a) the implementation of the CEDAW Recommendations; b) the adoption of the National Gender Policy; c) gender based budgeting and d) mainstreaming gender in research and data collection in Trinidad and Tobago.
Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister, the Honourable Ayanna Webster-Roy, in delivering the feature address, expressed that as citizens are embracing equality more than before with their increased awareness of oppression and increased empathies to others, the climate is ripe to build on and shape the conversation required to infuse and maintain measures that will facilitate the achievement of rights for women in all aspects of life in this country. She further highlighted the plans of the Ministry to present the Bill to End Child Marriage to Parliament in December 2016; to produce the Green Paper to forward the Gender Policy in Parliament in January 2017; and to strengthen mechanisms to serve victims of gender based violence. Other presenters at the Dialogue included Ms. Gaietry Pargass, Attorney at Law and Representative of the Gender Affairs Division, OPM, Ms.Tonni Ann Brodber, Head of Office, UN Women Multi-country Office-Caribbean, Ms. Terry Ince, Gender and Human Rights Advocate, Dr Peter Douglas Weller, Founder, CariMAN, Ms. Deborah McFee, Outreach and Research Officer, Institute for Gender and Development Studies, Ms. Monica Williams, Former Director, Gender Affairs Division, Ms. Folade Mutota, Executive Director, Women's Institute for Alternative Development and Mr. Amilcar Sanatan, MPhil Candidate, Institute for Gender and Development Studies.

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