Launch of the Caribbean Human Development Report in Trinidad and Tobago

On Wednesday 30, November 2016, UNDP Launched the 2016 Caribbean Human Development Report (CHDR) in Trinidad and Tobago at the Hilton Trinidad and Conference Centre. Over the years, Caribbean Countries continue to experience widespread vulnerabilities, inclusive of its geographic location in a hurricane belt and earthquake zone with climate change exacerbating weather-related threats, and limited scope for economic diversification. The Report is thereby significant, as it focusses on human resilience and seeks to expand the way we think about progress and well-being. It further demonstrates the human development approach towards the new Sustainable Development Agenda and highlights ways in which it can adapted to the needs and aspirations of Middle Income Countries and Small Island Developing Countries.
The Honourable Minister of Planning Camille Robinson-Regis, in giving the feature address, expressed that the Report provides a focused and prioritised view for Caribbean governments to adopt innovative approaches to development that would enable them to navigate the current unpredictable global economy. This was also felt by policy makers, government officials and national change agents who attended the Launch. Many expressed their willingness and understanding to break the silos and work together to establish and to execute the necessary multi-dimensional strategies and policies that are required to achieve sustainable development in Trinidad and Tobago and the wider Caribbean region.

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