Regional Human Development Report for Latin America and the Caribbean 2016

10 Oct 2016

Multidimensional progress: well-being beyond income

Microeconomic household analyses in 18 countries of the region, shows that the factors associated with exiting poverty, primarily education and labour market integration are systematically different from those that prevent people from falling back into poverty, which are linked to social protection systems (social transfers and pensions), care systems, access to physical and financial assets, and improved employment skills. a "multidimensional basket of resilience" that includes a combination of assets and social protection interventions. provides a starting point for public policymakers aimed at ensuring that people do not fall back into poverty. An analysis of changes in the income pyramid over the period 2003-2013 shows that while 49 percent of the population moved up the pyramid, some 13 percent actually slipped down it. The current climate demonstrates that people escaping poverty is not enough: improving their resilience is also essential.

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